Hearing loss

What is hearing loss?

Hearing loss is a partial or total inability to hear. It can be in one ear or both the ears. It ranges in severity from mild to profound.
There are three types of hearing loss-
1. Conductive hearing loss
2. Sensorineural mixed hearing loss
3. Mixed hearing loss

Hearing Aid
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Your Hearing Journey at Sounderic

Ear Exam

We are here to improve your life through better hearing!

The hearing journey that you will go through with us begins with a hearing assessment and ends with hearing aids if necessary.

  • 1st step - Interview

       Come in if you or your family member has any hearing difficulty. We start             this by asking you questions about your hearing and health in general. We           take a detailed case history to determine the cause of your hearing loss.

  • 2nd step Otoscopy

         We look into your ears to check for any impacted earwax or any physical               obstruction.

  • 3rd step diagnostic process

         In this step, we perform a battery of hearing tests to find out the type and           severity of hearing loss if it is present. After we are done with a full range             of hearing testing, we go over the results together with you.

  • 4th step treatment solutions

         Based on the severity and configuration of your hearing loss we suggest               different treatment options, hearing aid styles,  levels of technology,                     and also preferences of your active lifestyle. In our hearing aid                                   consultation, we discuss warranty, government funding, 3rd party                           funding, etc.

  • 5th step Counselling

         We make sure you are comfortable or if any changes need to be made in               your hearing aid programming. We teach you how to use them, take care             of them and you can go home with your hearing products. We do follow up           appointments with you after that every 1month, 3months,6month just to             make sure that we don’t need to make any changes.