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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy in Bahamas

Welcome to our leading Online Speech and Language Therapy services, proudly serving the Bahamas. At Sounderic, we're dedicated to transforming lives by empowering effective communication through our advanced teletherapy platform.


Sanya Modi

Sanya Modi is the Founder of Sounderic Speech and Hearing Clinic. She is an Audiologist and a Speech-language pathologist certified by the Rehabilitation Council Of India (RCI), and a member of the Indian Speech and Hearing Association.

Why Choose Our Speech and Language Therapy?

Our Services

Our Approach


A thorough evaluation to understand specific needs and create a customized treatment plan, available through our secure online speech therapy sessions.

Individualized Therapy

Tailored sessions focusing on unique goals and abilities, with the flexibility and convenience of our online speech therapy platform.

Progress Tracking

Continuous monitoring and adjustments to ensure steady improvement, utilizing our advanced teletherapy platform.

Empowering Communication Skills

Equipping individuals with tools for effective expression, social interaction, and academic success, through our comprehensive online speech therapy services.

Ready to take the first step towards enhancing communication skills? Reach out to our expert speech therapists in the Bahamas for our advanced online speech therapy sessions.

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