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Sounderic provides access to evidence-based online speech therapy easy and affordable.

We have licensed and professional speech-language pathologists working with children and adults with various communication disorders like speech delay, autism, aphasia, voice disorders, social communication disorder, etc.

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With Sounderic, scheduling online speech therapy sessions is just one click away.


We provide 15min free 1:1 consultations with our speech-language pathologists.

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In the last one year, we have been liked and recommended by 1000+ clients.

Licensed &

We have licensed and professional speech language pathologists with a masters degree in speech language pathology.

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Fill out this form to know if your child needs speech therapy. We will share the report with you in a 1:1 free consultation with our

Speech language pathologist.

Satisfied Customers

“I joined online speech therapy sessions for my son. He is 2.5 and has a speech delay. He has shown tremendous improvements in his vocabulary and is communicating more at home. Thanks to Ms. Deepika at Sounderic.”

Yashika Jain

“My child had very unclear speech. With online speech sessions at Sounderic, most of his sounds are corrected now. He is much more confident and we can understand what he is saying. Can't thank Sounderic enough.”

Amyra Rai

“I enrolled for the parent training program at Sounderic. The home training plans shared by the therapist were really helpful. My child is showing improvements and has started talking in two word phrases. Thanks to Sanya and Team Sounderic ”

Kaira Raj

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For any queries or bookings send us an email at You can also schedule a consultation below.

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Get Access

To our recorded video "How to make speech therapy for you?"
In this video, we discuss
1. What is speech therapy?
2. How to identify if your child needs speech therapy?
3. Speech and language milestones
4. Debunk myths about speech therapy
5. Practical strategies you can use at home
6. Differences between various therapies (Occupational Therapy, ABA, Speech Therapy, Physiotherapy, etc)
7. Parent's role in speech therapy
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Presented by, Sanya Modi
Founder & CEO at Sounderic.

Sanya Modi is a speech-language pathologist and audiologist with a Masters degree from Mumbai. She is the founder and clinical head at Sounderic. She has worked at various schools, clinics, and hospitals.

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