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  • Can stress cause stuttering?
    Yes, stress, excitement, or frustration can cause stuttering to become more severe.
  • How to overcome stuttering?
    Speech therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy work wonder in overcoming stuttering. Individual needs to be motivated to attend therapy and practice intensively to see the desired results.
  • Is there a cure for stuttering?
    Yes, we provide online speech therapy for adults with fluency disorders. Speech therapy has been proven to be very effective in treating stuttering disorders. Treatment may not eliminate stuttering forever but it will help the client have effective and fluent communication.
  • What is the cause of stuttering?
    Stuttering can be a result of genetic involvement as it's seen that stuttering runs in families. It can also be caused due to an abnormality in the timing, sensory, and coordination of speech motor control.
  • What causes stuttering later in life?
    Stuttering can be due to a brain disorder, stroke, traumatic brain injury or head injury, progressive neurological conditions, emotional distress, nervous and fearful situations, etc. 
  • Is stuttering permanent?
    Research shows that children who started speech therapy at an early stage have shown a better prognosis and overcome stuttering quickly as compared to children who started late. Similarly, adults can start speech therapy as soon as possible which will facilitate their progress and get back to living their life. The aim of therapy is to make communication as effective as possible. 
  • Why am I stuttering all of a sudden?
    Sudden stuttering can be caused due to a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or any brain disorder. This type of stuttering is called neurogenic stuttering. Emotional distress, nervousness, and fear of public speaking or pressure can also cause sudden stuttering in individuals.
  • Is stuttering contagious?
     Stuttering is not contagious like the common cold and is not the result of bad parenting, a stressful childhood, or a traumatic event
  • Why have I started stuttering?
    Stuttering can be due to neurogenic, stress-related conditions like unexpected emotional distress, reoccurrence or relapse of stuttering, idiopathic or unknown reasons, or drug-related reasons. 
  • Can stuttering be a sign of a seizure?
    Neurological disorders that over time damage multiple brain functions like Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, and Epilepsy cause the onset of stuttering and other speech impediments in adults. It makes it extremely difficult to form, arrange, and speak words.
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