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  • What happens on my first consultation?
    In the consultation, the speech therapist is able to understand your concerns and do a brief assessment. We give you all the details about the therapy sessions at Sounderic and recommend the required no. of sessions with us.
  • What happens after my consultation is over? What should I do next?
    After you have finished the consultation with us, you can get back to us on WhatsApp at +919644466635 or email us at with the days and timeslots preferred by you for the therapy sessions. Alternatively, our team will also get in touch with you to schedule the sessions with you.
  • How does the online booking process work?
    Booking an online consultation is very simple. Pick whether you need speech/occupational/behaviour therapy consultation & click "Book a Session". You will land on the booking calendar. Here you get to select your preferred date & time for your online consultation. Further if you already have a therapist in mind, you can also pick a therapist you prefer. Click on "Next". Then all you have to do is fill up the form with your details, review the time/date you selected and click on "Book Now". You will get an email immediately (as shown below) - with the joining link, joining password and your session time & date details. Voila, and you're done. Make sure you join on time and let your therapy journey begin.
  • I want to be seen by a particular therapist, can I pick my therapist?
    Yes, you can pick a therapist of your preference. Once you click "book a session", it will take you to a booking calendar where you can pick the preferred date, time as well as therapist for your online consultation.
  • Do you provide speech therapy for children?
    Yes, we provide online speech therapy for children with various communication disorders. You can read more about it here.
  • Are all children and adults good candidates for online therapy?
    Speech therapists use their clinical judgment to consider who can be a good candidate for online speech therapy. Clients using online speech therapy must have the ability to look at the computer screen and understand what they are viewing all through the session. If a child or adult is found to not be a good candidate for online speech therapy then parents and caregivers can be trained by the speech therapist to practice strategies and do activities at home. Parent involvement in online speech therapy is not only appreciated but is crucial! For children and a few adults, a parent or a support person may need to log in the child/adult into the platform, ensure that they are in a quiet distraction-free space, and remain present for the session.
  • When do I start speech therapy?
    Research shows that children who started speech therapy at an early stage have shown a better prognosis as compared to children who started late. Similarly, adults, who have acquired a language, speech, or voice disorder, can start speech therapy as soon as possible which will facilitate their progress and get back to living their life. ​
  • How long should my child attend therapy?
    The length of therapy cannot be predicted. Children may show immediate improvement, or it may be very gradual. The rate and pattern of improvement are different for every child. Progress is evaluated in three to six-month intervals.
  • What is Speech Therapy?
    Speech therapy diagnoses and treats speech and language disorders in infants, toddlers, school-going children, teens, adults, and the geriatric population. It is performed by a speech-language pathologist (SLPs), who is often referred to as a speech therapist. Speech and language therapy helps the disabled or impaired individual, by providing maximum communicative potential, compensatory methods, rehabilitation, and mainstreaming. Early diagnosis, treatment, and intervention of the communicative problem will reduce the problem's intensity and severity, enhancing the effectiveness of speech-language therapy. ​Speech therapists work alongside teachers, counselors, parents, occupational therapists, psychologists, physiotherapists, and other professionals.
  • How can I do speech therapy online?
    You can book a 15 min free consultation with us on the website with our speech-language pathologists. After you confirm the days and timing of sessions, your online speech therapy will begin.
  • Does Speech Therapy work?
    Yes, speech therapy gives results. However, it also depends on the disorder and the age group in the case of children and the severity of the disorder in adults. Speech therapy is not a miracle cure, results need time and patience. Another crucial factor is the intensity of the therapy and the adequate follow-up at home. Early intervention gives a better outcome. So start therapy as soon as possible. The​​ success of speech therapy depends on : ​ The age of the child/adult Early intervention Type and severity of the speech disorder Frequency and duration of therapy Underlying medical condition/disorder Treatment and medication of the underlying medical condition Activities need to be practiced at home. Parents/Caregivers need to replicate the plan explained by the therapist at home.​
  • Why should I prefer online speech therapy sessions?
    Online speech therapy is a successful model because sessions can be tailor-made based on the individual's needs and with necessary support from a parent/caregiver. It does work because it's practical and highly engaging! There are tons of materials, games, and resources available. ​ Online speech therapy is exceptionally kid-friendly. Today’s children tend to have a lot of access to technology and are comfortable with computers and fun game-based activities, and videos. This therapy model is particularly motivating for them despite the physical distance between the children and the speech therapist. Plus, increased engagement means that the children will make quicker progress and successfully reach their goals. Our adult patients have also become comfortable with using technology for speech therapy and are often assisted by a caregiver. Overall, online speech therapy has been able to give us the desired results.
  • Do you provide speech therapy for adults?
    Yes, we provide online speech therapy for adults with speech, language, and voice disorders. You can read more about it here.
  • How are online speech therapy sessions conducted?
    Online speech therapy sessions are quite similar to traditional in-person sessions. These live sessions can be used for assessment and intervention for a variety of speech and language disorders, parent training, and social goals. We conduct the sessions on Zoom/Google Meet.
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