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Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You’ve Been Looking For

When choosing a therapist, be sure you’re choosing one that you can fully trust to answer all of your questions and concerns. We offer easy-to-understand guides for some of the most common questions and inquiries we receive at Sounderic. Below you’ll find a list of some frequently asked questions by our clients.

1. What times do you have available for appointments?

Our services are all about flexibility. With this in mind, we offer after-school hour appointments as well as weekend availability. We are open from 9 to 8 from Monday to Saturday.

2. Do you require an evaluation prior to beginning therapy?

An initial evaluation is required prior to starting treatment so that baseline data can be collected and goals can be established in order to track progress.  At Sounderic, we do comprehensive assessments for a lot of speech and hearing disorders.

3.  Does my child need speech therapy?

Every child is different  If you have a concern or any query about your child's speech or language development, please send us a message and we can discuss whether an evaluation is needed.

4. What does a typical speech therapy session involve?

If the session is with a child, parents are encouraged to participate. The goals of the session and the activities are discussed prior to the session and at the end of the session parent and the therapist together reflect and plan for the activities to follow at home. If a session is with an adult, caregivers or family members can help. We use evidence-based treatment approaches and will customize a plan based on your child’s unique strengths and needs. All therapy is individualized to meet your child’s unique learning style, incorporate their interests, and capitalizing on their strengths to support growth. After each session, we will provide you with tools for carrying out therapy work throughout your week.

5. What is the role of the parent in speech therapy?

Parents are informed of what strategies are being used during therapy. Since parents/caregivers spend the most time with their child, it is important that we help you understand what we are working on so that you can implement these same strategies at home.

6. How long will my child need to receive speech therapy?

This question is individualized to each child. Following assessment, duration and frequency will be recommended based on the results. Our goal is not to keep your kid in therapy forever, but to see them graduate from the program as soon as is appropriate. The rate of progress is always dependent on the goals being addressed, consistent attendance at set appointments, and follow-through with family or individual practice. Your speech therapist will be able to provide further insight as to their expectations for growth and change based on the past treatment times of children experiencing similar challenges, but all kids develop at different rates. Your willingness to work with your child outside of therapy sessions makes a huge difference, too.

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