What is online speech therapy?

 Online speech therapy is providing speech therapy sessions online over easily available software. It's simple, fun, reliable,   and engaging!

How are the online speech therapy sessions conducted?

Online speech therapy sessions are quite similar to traditional in-person sessions.
These live sessions can be used for assessment and intervention for a variety of speech and language disorders, parent training and social goals. 

The American Speech and Hearing Association states that " Telepractice is the application of telecommunications technology to the delivery of speech-language pathology and audiology professional services at a distance by linking clinician to client or clinician to clinician for assessment, intervention, and/or consultation." 

Are all children and adults good candidates for online therapy?

Speech therapists use their clinical judgment to consider who can be a good candidate for online speech therapy. Clients using online speech therapy must have the ability to look at the computer screen and understand what they are viewing all through the session. If a child or adult is found to not be a good candidate for online speech therapy then parents and caregivers can be trained by the speech therapist to practice strategies and do activities at home.

Parent involvement in online speech therapy is not only appreciated but is crucial! For children and a few adults, a parent or a support person may need to log in the child/adult into the platform, ensure that they are in a quiet distraction-free space, and remain present for the session.

A snippet of online speech therapy session with Sounderic speech and hearing clinic
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Does online speech therapy work?

Online speech therapy is a successful model because sessions can be tailor-made based on the individual's needs and with necessary support from a parent/caregiver. It does work because it's practical and highly engaging! There are tons of materials, games, and resources available.

  • Online speech therapy is exceptionally kid-friendly.

  • Today’s children tend to have a lot of access to technology and are comfortable with computers and fun game-based activities, videos.

  • This therapy model is particularly motivating for them despite the physical distance between children and the speech therapist. 

  • Plus, increased engagement means that the children will make quicker progress and successfully reach their goals. 

  • Our adult patients have also become comfortable with using technology for speech therapy and are often assisted by a caregiver. Overall, online speech therapy has been able to give us the desired results.

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Benefits of online speech therapy

1. With online speech therapy, there is no constraint in traveling and saves time. Sessions start on time. 

2. Online speech therapy redefines flexibility and convenience while improving staff efficiency.  The online delivery model allows for therapy when it is convenient for the student, even outside of school hours.

3. Through, online speech therapy parents who are unable to take their kids to a center get consultation and speech therapy services at home. This is a great way to continue therapy sessions when extenuating circumstances prevent you from having an in-person session with a Speech-Language Pathologist, or when your community or school does not have an SLP nearby.

4. These sessions are equally efficient and safe.

5.  Speech therapist is able to have improved communication with parents/caregivers as they have more time on their hand.

6. There is more flexibility in scheduling and cancelling the session as they are provided at home.

7. Accessibility to more students, especially in remote areas. Geography, mobility and time have ceased to be the barriers they once were.

8. It blends the most excellent quality in speech-language therapy with the many benefits that digital innovations afford.

9. All sessions are recorded for parents to monitor, therapists to review, and administrators to reference if necessary.

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Here's a video from American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) talking about the effectiveness of online speech therapy.