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Listening Challenge

Listening Challenge


Listening skills are so important for success in the classroom. Through this bundle, you can target language and listening in young children.

It has three activities,


1. Grocery Shopping 

Children have to listen and follow some basic and sequential directions while shopping in the supermarket. Helps in building auditory memory,following directions and comprehension.


2. Storytime and questions

Here, children will listen to six short stories and answer Wh questions. This exercise helps to work on auditory memory and auditory processing.


3. Picture sequencing

In this activity, children can sequence illustrated pictures in a correct order. It will help build on their language, literacy and listening skills.


These listening activities can be used on digital devices and are designed to challenge the students! It's perfect for kindergarten and elementary grade. It's downloadable in powerpoint format. You can email us to receive a copy to use in google slides.

These are no prep, highly engaging and interactive. Children will LOVE this activity.



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