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Speech Therapist in Hyderabad

Are you unable to speak, with trouble understanding what others say to you, or find it difficult to express yourself? Is your voice hoarse and strained? Is your speech monotonous and with pauses in between words? Are you afraid of picking up new accents due to cross-cultural contact? Are you looking for a trained speech therapist in Hyderabad for your toddler/kid/children/teen/adult?


This list contains the best speech therapy clinics in Hyderabad for children and adults with speech, language, voice, and cognitive disorders. They provide speech therapy to children and adults with articulation disorders, autism, speech delay, stammering/stuttering by helping them with speech clarity, learning disability, post-stroke rehabilitation for aphasia and apraxia, voice disorders in children, adults, and professional voice users.

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More about Sounderic's Speech Therapy in Hyderabad

Our trained speech therapists have great experience in understanding the patient's needs and providing the best speech therapy treatment as required. We provide online speech therapy which is convenient and effective. We are well aware that clients don't have time to visit clinics. That's why our online speech therapy is an excellent option for patients. Speech therapy is the process of improving the communication skills of people with speech or language difficulties such as speech delay, stammering for kids as well as adults and much more.

You can start your journey with us by booking a speech therapy consultation on the website. We schedule a 15 minutes Zoom call with you to understand your needs. All the details of speech therapy are provided to you in the consultation. After we get a confirmation from you, a trained and specialized speech therapist will be assigned for your case.

Sounderic's Speech Therapy Services
in Hyderabad

  • Speech therapy in Hyderabad for kids and adults by us will help you to get the required treatment based on the examination by our trained speech and language pathologists.

  • Our online speech therapy is cost-effective, convenient, and has many benefits. We are trained to understand your problems and provide the best treatment as required.

  • Our speech therapists use evidence-based speech therapy techniques after comprehensive assessments.

  • All our services are provided by qualified speech therapists only.

Online Speech Therapy

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