Why do kids need speech therapy?

   Children begin to communicate at an early age to express their wants and needs. As they grow old, they start using speech and language to engage in a conversation, to participate in the classroom, make friends, read and write.

   If a child has difficulty in understanding and expressing his thoughts and ideas, in pronunciation/articulation and social use of language(pragmatics), it will affect the child’s ability to perform well in a variety of situations including school. A speech therapist helps diagnose and provide intervention for various disorders like:

  • Autism

  • Language delay

  • Hearing impairment

  • Cognitive or other developmental delays

  • Voice disorder

  • Cleft lip or cleft palate

  • ADHD (inattention and hyperactivity)

  • Articulation problems or unclear speech

  • Fluency disorders/ stuttering

  • Feeding problems, picky eaters and swallowing disorders

  • Traumatic brain injury



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Speech and language
assessment and screening

  1. Are you unsure if your child really needs speech therapy? 

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How can parents help in speech therapy?

Parents are key to the success of a child's progress in speech or language therapy.
Kids who finish the program the quickest and with the longest-lasting results are those whose parents were involved.

Ask the therapist what you can do.
For instance, you can help your child do the activities at home that the SLP suggests. This ensures continued progress and carry-over of new skills.

Overcoming a speech or language disorder can take time and effort. So it's important that all family members be patient and understanding with the child.

Father and Children

We offer free consultations and screening! 

Pinwheel Kids

    We are committed to providing the highest quality service to you and your family. The first step begins with an evaluation.


    At Sounderic, this process involves interviewing the parent or patient seeking speech therapy treatment to better understand the challenges they have. Evaluations are necessary to determine if a speech or language disorder is present and also to plan appropriate goals for treatment.

​​    Speech disorders can be corrected more easily if detected early. We will help you with every aspect of the process including evaluation, diagnosis, counselling and treatment.

 Here is what you can expect from our Speech Therapy Team:

  • A speech assessment by a speech-language pathologist

  • Individualized sessions to meet the child’s speech therapy goals

  • Convenient, online, one-on-one and group sessions

  • Parent training,follow up and at-home activities

    Sounderic is happy to provide a free video consultation where we learn about your specific concerns, screen and observe the child and also plan the communication goals. At our clinic, we offer 45 minute speech therapy sessions and to help you generalize newly developed speech-language skills, we offer group therapy sessions in addition to individual sessions. To book your free consultation contact us today!

Speech disorders in children


From evaluation to diagnosis our experienced speech therapists cover a range of speech and language disorders affecting children of all ages. Each therapy session is designed based on the child’s needs and individualized speech and language goals. We also work along with other therapists, teachers, and healthcare professionals.


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