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Sanya Modi, Online Speech Therapy in India

Get access to trained speech
therapists online

For Anyone and Anywhere.

How It Works

Online Speech Therapy in India
Online Speech Therapy in India

Book a free consultation

Patients can book a consultation with us.

A speech therapist will conduct a 15 min consultation on Zoom to know more about the case and give the necessary details.

Online Speech Therapy in India

Match with a therapist

Based on the concern of the patient, a specialized speech therapist in India will be assigned to the case. 

Online Speech Therapy in India

Get Started

After confirming the days and time of the session, a plan will be sent to the patient, and speech therapy sessions will begin.

Certified. Responsive. Compassionate.
Online speech therapy in India.



average rating is 4.5 out of 5, based on 150 votes, People love it

My son has been taking speech therapy sessions for his stuttering. He being quite shy, the biggest challenge for any speech therapist was to establish a connection with him first. Given his short attention span, it was also very difficult to keep him glued and make him practice fluency techniques without him feeling bored. Surprisingly, Ms.Sanya managed it all so well. Conducting the sessions online enables us to achieve the same results that we used to achieve earlier with in-person sessions. I can say that Sounderic has best speech therapist in India.

           - Dayita Suvarna, Mother of an 8-year-old

I have really found a difference in her speech clarity. My daughter really enjoys the sessions and looks forward to it. She has shown great improvements since starting these sessions. I am extremely grateful to Sounderic and I can attest that online speech therapy really works."   
     - Purnima Hingorani, Mother

Ms. Pooja has been conducting online speech therapy to work on speech clarity of my son. He has shown great improvements. Online speech therapy sessions are planned well and the activities provided to practice at home are really helpful. Thanks a lot for all your help team Sounderic.                                         


                        -Hema S., Mother of a 5 year old

My wife has been taking regular online speech therapy sessions for her speech after  stroke. She is less frustrated now since she can communicate. I really like the way Ms. Keerti explains us the rationale of each technique and her patience. I was a little apprehensive about online speech therapy sessions but they worked out really well for us. I would definitely recommend people to seek online speech therapy at Sounderic.                                                                              

                                  -    P.D. Joshi

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