Autism In Girls: Checklist

"Because our diagnostic systems and stereotypes of ASD are based on males, we just don’t know how many girls with very high autistic traits are out there, unrecognised. We need to know, and we need to know if they are suffering in silence or managing to compensate." Francesca Happé, King’s College London

All the characteristics need not be present in the child but a significant number of checks warrant an assessment. Visit a speech-language pathologist today. Only trained specialists can make the autism diagnosis.

Early Years

Separation anxiety from parent or caregiver

• Seeks and/or prefers the company of adults or educators throughout the day

• Intense emotions are often observed by crying

• Sense of justice, adherence to rules, telling on others (or herself), described as bossy

• Can make friends but may have difficulty maintaining more than one friendship. It is the quality of the social interactions, as compared to her peers, that is the key indicator

• May be clingy to one peer

• Often has an advanced reading ability

• Correcting the teaching or others

• May be observed by herself and/or wandering around alone