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Celebrating International Women's Day 2022

This International Women’s Day, we applaud the hard work, sincerity, and dedication shown by women all over the world at work and Outside. At Sounderic, we believe in #togetherwethrive

Happy International women's day to all the lovely women. It is not easy to be you. You manage a career while running your household. At the same time, you make an amazing daughter, mother, friend, professional, and responsible citizen. Let's all us women who are trying to build something support each other. There's no limit to what we can accomplish together.

We asked all the women at Sounderic to share who inspires them on Internation Women's Day 2022.

Sanya Modi

" Women and their dreams are as important as men. I urge everyone to support the women in their life; if she wants to start her business, be her backbone: if she wants to finish her education, support her. Let's give women the freedom to talk about their infinite qualities. I look at my mom every day and I am in awe of her strength, energy, kindness, compassion, and her ability to love and give. We women are amazing and it's about time we celebrate that. Keep shining! "

Keerti Swarna

"Growing up, my mother has always been my inspiration and a perfect example for me. She taught me, being a woman is equivalent to being phenomenal as we are born with immense strength, patience and balance. Taught me to create my own definition of womanhood. Gave me the confidence that I can stand tall and not be afraid to face anything that the world throws at me! Any difficult situation will have to pass because of the faith and belief, I have in myself! This Women’s day let’s break the stereotype that ‘define’ a woman based on how they sit, stand, walk, talk, wear and the list goes on! Let’s take a stand for US, and give an answer to log kya kahenge? (what will people say)

Kahenge ki

SHE is powerful,

SHE is unbeatable,

SHE is patient,

SHE is calm,

SHE is kind,

SHE is a WOMAN!"

Simone Sallins

"Growing up with a physical disability, I have watched my mom juggle my therapies, our family, and her work without complaining. Her endless efforts have made me the woman I am today. To me, she is my wonder woman! Today, I celebrate her and every mom with a special needs child, whose sacrifices often go unnoticed."

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