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5 kid-friendly virtual trips from home

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Parents, we hear you! We know that you have already done all the activities and crafts at home. We are also aware that you are running out of fun activities to indulge the children. Help is here!

It is difficult to be stuck inside during this pandemic, especially for the kids. We present to you, a feasible and efficient solution: Virtual Field Trips. Along with which, we have curated a list of Speech, Language and Communication activities related to the trips that will not only spark your child’s curiosity but also improve their overall communication.

Kids are stuck inside but these online tours will give them some access to the outside world. Moreover, aren’t we all sad that our vacations and trips were cancelled indefinitely, but this way all the parents who couldn’t take their children for summer holidays can compensate by bringing the holiday to their homes!

Virtual field trips are a great way to expose kids to new places, all from the comfort of home. With the help of technology, many museums, zoos and aquariums have set up virtual tours of their facilities. Now more than ever, it is easier to visit destinations around the world from our homes! Why don’t you take your kids to Disneyland or an amusement park! Yes, that’s possible even during this pandemic, through a virtual visit online.

1. Go visit the world-class Buckingham Palace in London

Children are mesmerized by the grandeur of the palaces. Here, we bring a 360° view of the magnificent Buckingham Palace. Children can look at the glory of the palace, the beautiful carpets, the chandeliers, the portraits, the furniture etc. Use the arrows in the video to help you get a good look at all the corners of the room.

Observe the image, this is one of the rooms in Buckingham Palace. Look at all the objects in the room, the colours, the furniture, the portraits, the chandeliers etc.

Speech and language activity:

a). Describe what you saw in the video. Include the rooms that you visited, talk about the different artifacts that you saw and record it.

b). Use your creativity to make your own room in a palace. What would you include? What would you do differently? What colours would you use? Draw a picture if you can.


2. A visit to the chocolate factory

Kids always wonder about how things are made. Let’s put their curiosity to end by watching “The making of chocolate”. All the scientific minds would love this.

I know even our mouth is watering after watching this video.

Speech and Language activity:

  1. Narrate the steps they took to make the chocolate. For kids, these steps can be broken down to a template as (First…Next…Then…Last).

  2. Why don’t you try to make chocolate at home? Next, try to make different types and flavours of chocolates with your parents and make a video describing the whole process.


3. A visit to a famous city

Children should get to explore the world from a very young age. They develop a world view and it broadens their experiences and understanding of different cultures. Here, we have a video of a very famous city that the kids can visit while sitting at home!

Here are a few other videos that you can watch.

Speech and Language activity:

  1. Make a travel brochure for London. With the help of your parents cut or draw pictures of the famous places in the city, write what’s so different and special about this place. Pretend to be a tourist guide and take us through the modern attractions of the city.

2. Would you like to visit London in real life? If yes,

  • how would you travel,

  • where would you stay,

  • what would you do,

  • where will you shop,

  • what local delicacies would you eat,etc.


4. How about going for different rides in an amusement park?

Speech and Language activity:

Woah! that was some ride huh. We can target higher-order language skills here by asking the child some critical thinking questions. Answer a few questions for us:

  1. What all did you notice during the ride?

  2. What did you like about the ride?

  3. How would you feel if you get to go on this ride someday?

  4. What would make this ride more fun?

  5. What are the best rides that you have taken so far?


5. A Tour of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Speech and Language activity:

  1. Can you write a story on a tour of the wizarding world of Harry Potter?

  2. Watch this video with friends and family and ask them for their opinion of the best part of the tour.

  3. If you get to visit here, what all will you do?

I hope that you all have fun on your virtual trips. You can read more about other fun speech and language activities that you can do at home here.

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