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Teaching inferencing through Pixar short films

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Kids love watching animated movies. Pixar short films have great visuals, are engaging and are also freely available on Youtube. They have little or no verbal language and are great for children who are on the spectrum among others.

Speech therapists and Parents can use these Pixar shorts to practice higher-order language skills like-

  1. Answering different “Wh” questions.

  2. Inferencing or implied meaning

  3. Making predictions.

  4. Giving the main idea of the movie in a sentence.

  5. Retelling the story with the correct sequence of the events.

Practising inferencing leads to better listening and reading comprehension and improved abstract reasoning. For inferencing, children need to be taught to use background knowledge and previous experiences.

Here is a list of some of my favourite Pixar films that I use in speech therapy.

  1. The Small Shoemaker

  2. Snack Attack

  3. The Present

  4. Geri’s Game

  5. Pigeon: Impossible

In the next post, I will be posting five inference questions along with the video. Enjoy the movies!


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