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Speech Therapist vs Speech Language Pathologist

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Even though the meaning of both words may seem different there is no difference whatsoever in education or qualification of a speech therapist vs a speech pathologist. The terms are used interchangeably.

Nowadays speech language pathologist is the preferred term. As the meaning of the word pathologist is to find the root cause of something. Therefore the aim of a speech language pathologist is to find the root cause of any speech, language, literacy, feeding, or oral motor in-coordination related conditions. It enables them to identify the unique strengths of each individual and work with them in order to improve their language and communication skills.

What do speech language pathologists do?

An SLP works with a wide range of disorders involving speech, language, literacy, hearing, feeding, etc. Few common treatments provided by a Speech therapist include:-

  • Speech Sounds- an SLP works with people presenting with various speech sound errors like 'r' sound error, or lisp.

  • Voice disorders and vocal hygiene- the patients of the adult age group often present with various voice disorders like hoarse voice, vocal cord lesions, dysphonia, and a very important part of the treatment of these conditions is vocal hygiene (using the voice appropriately).

  • Social communication- An SLP helps individuals who have difficulty understanding social cues, in conditions like Autism, ADHD, etc.

  • Language disorder- language is the ability to communicate one's thoughts in words and phrases effectively. Various disorders like aphasia, dysarthria, etc often affect the speech processing centers of our brain, thereby hampering the ability of a person to express themselves. It is often observed in elderly stroke patients.

  • Swallowing disorders (dysphagia) are feeding and swallowing difficulties, which may follow an illness, surgery, stroke, or injury.

Most communication disorders present with a mix of symptoms of two or more conditions, thereby making the diagnosis of the root cause a bit difficult. The speech language pathologists use their anatomical, pathological and clinical knowledge to come to a certain diagnosis and help formulate unique plans as per the requirements of different individual patients.

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